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Uganda-Country Background Information for Tourists and Travelers

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Uganda - Background and Information helpful for Visitors and Tourists to UgandaKabiza Wilderness Safaris in Uganda

Things about Uganda that will give you a better understanding of the country you are going to visit. Visit some of the pages that you will give you insight and background to the Pearl of Africa-Uganda.

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Uganda Background  Information:  Below are some pages that will give you helpful information that will enrich your stay in Uganda or simply give you information about Uganda.


Uganda BackgroundUganda Country Information:  Some historic background and facts about Uganda.  Great Primer for the visitor to Uganda. Uganda One Man's perspectiveUganda-One Man's Perspective:   A Muzungu's look at Uganda. Perfect it is not if you apply a Western measure, but which measure is best for Ugandans.

Why Visit Uganda?Why visit Uganda? Reasons why you should visit Uganda - The Pearl of Africa. For one thing, Uganda is off the beaten African Tourist Track.

LRA-Child Soldiers-Background InformationThe LRA-Joseph Kony-Child Soldiers and Northern Uganda: Here is a look at the past of Northern Uganda and the LRA.
Idi Amin-The little Big Man: His life and death in brief here with some quotes from him and others.   Uganda is more than Idi Amin, Joseph KonyUganda-More than Idi Amin: Uganda often gets a bad rap in the world press. His family still lives here in peace. Aids the African PlagueAids-The African Plague:  AIDS in the 1990's was like the black plague of Europe in  Uganda. Aids - The African SolutionAids-The African Solution:  What Uganda has done to combat Aids and how effective has it been?
Women of AfricaAfrica's Women:  The women of Africa. Stories and pictures, mostly Uganda.

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood:  An average neighborhood in Kampala. As a Westerner  living there was interesting.

A day in a Ugandan VillageA day in a Ugandan Village:  A visit to the small village of Kitaisa an hour from Kampala. Africa's ChildrenAfrica's Children: The joys, the sorrows, get in touch with the children of Africa.
2nd hand clothing in UgandaDead White Manís Clothing Get a Second Life in Africa: A visit to Owino Market. Keeping Time in AfricaKeeping Time in Africa: When will we get there?  Soon.  How much longer, not long. Time in Africa It takes a villageIt takes a Village:  In African villages people need to work together, for alone they cannot make it. Harambee - Pulling together African Style:  In East Africa, there is a Swahili word which is Harambee which translated means "pulling together".
Every Ugandan has a CellphoneEvery Ugandan has a Cell phone - But...  The use of the mobile phone is changing African Society

BargainingBargaining in Uganda:  The bargaining ritual, that ancient dance of bargaining.

Living with death and celebrating LifeLiving with death and celebrating life in Africa:  Life in Africa is rather short compared to the west. The WabenzisThe Wabenzis:  A new tribe in Africa.  They are the noveau riche of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.
Uganda Travel GuideAfrica - Uganda Travel Guide and Information: A complete total Travel Guide to Africa with Uganda as its focus. Things to do and see in UgandaThings to do & See in Uganda:  A top 10 list of Uganda's best attractions. Gorilla Tracking InformationGorilla Tracking  Information: The How To Gorilla Tracking Guide. Uganda SafarisUganda Safaris:  Safaris off the beaten Path in the Pearl of Africa.

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