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The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and Joseph Kony Past and Present

Background, History and Information on the LRA and Joseph Kony

Information on the LRA, the abducted children, Child Soldiers, the war years in Northern Uganda, The Amnesty program for the LRA and  the traditional ways of reconciliation of the Acholi People, and the Rebuilding of the North of Uganda..

Northern Uganda has suffered immensely from the ravages of a war that the world knew little about for many years.  It is only in recent timesFind out Who is Joseph Kony that the attention of the Western World has turned to Rwanda.  A place that was the described in a report from the UN as the most dangerous place to live in the world.  A BBC report called it worse than Iraq.  Yet the world knew so little about Joseph Kony, the LRA, the abducted children who were turned into sex slaves and child soldiers. 

Children were robbed of their innocence and turned into assailants, from students to those who could in cold blood dismember their own family members.  After Rwanda, no one thought that such violence would be seen again in Africa, but even while Rwanda was on fire, Northern Uganda had its own killing fields.  The problem of the LRA and Joseph Kony is not over, it has simply shifted into other countries such as South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. (currently the DRC)

In 2005 a friend of mine was building a school in what had become part of the warzone of Northern Uganda, in the town of Lira, which is home to the Langi people.  I was thankful for his courage in those days that I wrote a an article for a webpage that was get thousands and thousands of visitors over the years.  Most every day that page is the number one page on my site, but the information though correct in 2005 no longer applies in the present.  I then added other pages to help people to understand the problems with the LRA, Joseph Kony, child soldier, Amnesty for the LRA, including stories of former enslaved children...I hope it helps you to understand the LRA...from Kampala...jon

US troops arrive to ‘kill or capture’ Kony

More Information on Joseph Kony, the LRA, and Northern Uganda

Alice Auma Lakwena

 Alice Auma Lakwena: Some see her as the Joan of Arc of Uganda, others as the mother of the long war in Uganda.

Who is Joseph KonyWho is Joseph Kony?  Villain, Christian, Muslim, Mystic, Patriot, Madman.  but who really is he? Who is this madman? Whose only goal is maim, rob & destroy. Uganda's Child Soldiers (Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army) What took place for over 20 years in Northern Uganda.

Catherine Ajok: The story of a courageous young woman, kidnapped, made a wife of Joseph Kony, after years reunited with her family in Northern Uganda.

Richard Akena Former Child SoldierRichard Akena:  Captures by the LRA several times, from child to killer, now heading an orphanage in Northern Uganda. His Story. Where are the children of the LRA?  Where are the abducted children of Uganda? What has happened to them?

Amnesty for Child Soldiers

Amnesty for LRA Child Soldiers? How Uganda handles former child soldiers and how they adjust into the community.

Night Commuter

The  Night Commuters of Northern Uganda: Fortunately this no longer exists but it is a look back to when it did.

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers - Victims or Assailants:  Throughout history there have been child soldiers in all parts of the world.

Joseph Kony in 2009Uganda 2009 and Joseph Kony LRA: This is a look at the problems with the LRA in 2009 in the DRC. Joseph Kony - LRA UpdatesJoseph Kony LRA News Updates: regular updates to activities of the LRA, presently in neighboring countries of Uganda. It is still not Christmas in Northern Uganda - Christmas 2006It is still not Christmas in Northern Uganda: a look back to Christmas of 2006 in Northern Uganda
Christmas 2008 and the LRAIt does not feel like Christmas-Joseph Kony-Christmas 2008:  Operation Lightning Thunder began against the LRA on December 14, 2008.  Uganda is more than Idi Amin, Joseph KonyUganda is more than Idi Amin, Joseph Kony and the LRA:  The images that westerners have of Uganda is amazing.  Rarely do those images reflect the reality of Uganda. Living in a warzone - UgandaLiving in a Warzone - Uganda: Many people across the globe think that Uganda is a warzone, it is a warzone of wrong information about Uganda. Northern Uganda - Peace - Give it a Chance: It is time to put aside the wrong information and help to rebuild Northern Uganda in any way possible.
Joseph Kony's Mother dying wish.Joseph Kony's Mother's dying Wish.  Before she died she had a wish for her son Joseph Kony. Hep rebuild Northern UgandaVolunteers needed to help rebuild northern Uganda, two weeks working with a former Child Soldier at his orphanage - weeks that will change your life forever.  Two weeks in Kitgum, Northern Uganda that will remain with you for a long time.


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   An In Depth Look at Joseph Kony and the LRA

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