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It started out as a newsletter, an Ezine, and has turned into a blog with more frequent Articles found on line here.  I have added discussion boxes on all new issues of the African Insights Blog.

Find out what life is like in Africa, read stirring and inspiring stories and encounters of people who make up Africa.  Beyond the headlines, beyond travel stories, meet Africa up close  with all of its wonders.

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African Insights Blog-Newsletter

African Insights Blog August 2, 2010:  Uganda = Africa Condensed:  Uganda gives you what other Travel Destination in Africa give you, but more.  Uganda is the undiscovered microcosm of Africa.

African Insights Blog August 2 2010:  Christmas and New Year's in the African Wild of Uganda

African Insights Blog July 31 2010:  Just one Day - maybe two - to do a safari?  This year Experience Africa - Discover its Pearl-Uganda


African Insights Blog July 22 2010:   Large Group Safari in Uganda:   Taking a large group on safari in Uganda

July 22 2010:  Family Safaris with Children in Uganda:  Practical Advice for safaris with children.

African Insights July 20 2010:  Uganda Mini-Safaris on Short Notice

African Insights Blog July 20 2010:  After the Bombings in Kampala-the response of the Loyal Opposition?

African Insights Blog July 17 2010:  Safe & Secure Safari Tours in Uganda after the July 11, Bombing Attacks

African Insights Blog July 16, 2010:  US Dollar favorable exchange rate benefits visitors from the USA to Uganda.

African Insights Blog July 15 -2010:  Uganda - Tourism - After the Bombings on July 11 - World Cup Day?

African Insights Blog July 13 -2010:  Uganda Travel Safety & Security - after the World Cup Terrorist Attacks in Uganda.

African Insights Blog:  June 27, 2010:  Richard Akena - former LRA Child Soldier - Man with a dream for the Orphans of Northern Uganda

African Insights Blog:  February 28, 2010:  African Safari Reflections

African Insights Blog:  December 25, 2009:  Christmas Party for Kids born into Slums

African Insights Blog:  December 16, 2009:  Christmas 2009

African Insights Blog:  November 23, 2009:  Gathering at the Table - Thanksgiving

African Insights Blog:  October 12, 2009:  Joseph Kony's Mother's dying Wish.

African Insights Blog:  October 6, 2009  Ugandan Entrepreneurs at work - The Unofficial Power Company

African Insights Blog:  September, 2009 Uganda - Three Days of Riots in normally peaceful Kampala (September 2009)

African Insights Blog:  August 17, 2009  Uganda - The Pearl of Africa regains its Luster

African Insights Blog:  July 12, 2009  Africa's Strong Men – Men of the Clenched Fist (Thoughts about President Obama's Speech in Africa)

African Insights Blog - July 4, 2009    Rwanda –July 4th – 15 years later  - Rwanda's Rise from Genocide

African Insights Blog - June 10, 2009  Is Uganda Safe for Travelers?

African Insights Blog - June 4, 2009  Saint Andrew's School receives a library 

African Insights Blog - May 11, 2009  Alice Auma Lakwena:  Mystic-Priestess-Visionary-Warrior-Messenger from God?

African Insights Blog - Mary 7, 2009   Northern Uganda-Give Peace a Chance

African Insights Blog - April 20, 2009  Living in a Warzone - Uganda

African Insights Blog - April 18, 2009  Decorating your Home African Style (Practical Tips)

African Insights Blog - April 13, 2009  Cost of Living in Uganda-or How one Person chooses to live in Uganda.

African Insights Blog - April 12, 2009:  A day in a Ugandan Church

African Insights Blog - March 5, 2009:  The Lost Pearl of Africa - Uganda

African Insights Blog - March 4, 2009:  Preparing for the African Journey

African Insights Blog - March 2, 2009:  Joseph Kony and the LRA

February 2009:  Start a Library in Africa

January 2009:  Expecting the unexpected in Africa-Thriving on Chaos in Uganda

It does not feel like Christmas in Uganda-Thoughts on Joseph Kony

November 2008:  Africa's President Barack Obama?

October 2008:  Uganda's Ban on Miniskirts?  Miniskirts-Major Cause of Accidents?

July 2008:  Life in Kampala - The Neighborhood

April 2008:  The Why's of it all - The needs of the children of Africa

January 2008: Let it Rain - Thoughts on the Violence in Kenya

December 2007:  Christmas in Africa - 2007

October 2007:  The Lights have refused to come on!

September:  CHOGM 2007 - The Queen is coming to Uganda!

June 2007 - Send a book to an African Child!

April 2007 - Every Ugandan has a cell phone but..

January 2005:  African Leaders needed – A moment in the life of the President of Uganda

December 2004: My wish for Africa in 2005

October 2004:  Driving in Uganda

September 2004:  Keeping Time in Africa

 August 2004: Born in the USA and Born in Africa -Where you are born, determines how you live

 July 2004: Dead White Man’s Clothing Get a Second Life in Africa

 June 2004: Times and Seasons

 May 2004 Rwanda - 10 years later

 April 2004:  Food - Western and African Thoughts

 March 2004: Meet Owuor from the movie "Nowhere in Africa."

 February 2004: The King and the Son of a Slave: King Leopold and William Sheppard

 January 2004:  Flying in Africa

 December 2003:  Aids and the Children of Africa

 November 2003:  Gathering at the Table - Thanksgiving

 October 2003:  Karen Blixen - Another view of her time in Africa

 September 2003:  Machetes - Pangas and fair trade with Africa

 August 2003:  Idi Amin - The little - big Man - thoughts on his life and death

 July 2003:  In and Out of Africa  or How not to visit Africa - The President Bush Visit

 June 2003:  Africa awaits you! Traveling to Africa in uncertain times

 May 2003 Africa and the Western World – a fragile relationship-or- Do Africans Hate Westerners?

 April 2003:  Pity for Africa versus Compassionate Action for Africa

 March 2003:  African Bargain Ritual

 February 2003: Aids-Africa-Dignity and Hope…Thoughts...

 January 2003:  Not Yet Uhuru…but it is coming…

 December 2002:  Christmas - African Style

 November 2002: African Images

 September 2002:  Matatu Ride - A Near Death Experience

 August 2002: Miracle - Life Saving Medicine - Soap and Water

 July 2002:  Culture – Patriarchal Ways and Education of Women

 June 2002 Newsletter - Water – Plastic Containers and Women’s Liberation

 May 2002 Newsletter - The African Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive and well

 April 2002 Out of Africa – Too Newsletter - The WaBenzi Tribe of Africa 

 March 2002 Newsletter - Africa … Living with death and celebrating life

 February 2002 Newsletter - A Hero falls

 January 2002 Newsletter - Climbing in Rwanda

 Christmas  2001 Newsletter

 December 2001 Issue "St. Nicholas Day - Thoughts in Africa"

 November 2001 Issue "I am glad you made it through the night"

 October 2001 Issue "Thoughts on being Human"

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