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Africa comes alive and real as you read the "Kabiza" Africa Pages

Kabiza - also known as - Out of Africa - Too-Introduces you to East Africa

Out of Africa Too - making Africa real - Kabiza.com

"Out of Africa - Too -  gets you into Africa - Not the romanticized Africa of movies such as "Out of Africa" but the real Africa - Good - Bad and Ugly. The Africa, with its strong men, the Africa with its young people who are filled with hope to see Changes come to the  continent or to the country in which they live. This site introduces you and connects you with Africa.

Africa - vibrant, alive, growing, becoming, in spite of all the obstacles that the people of the Africa continent face.

Out of Africa - Too touches the many faces of Mother Africa, and once you have been here, Africa will never leave you. 

Africa - is the most misunderstood continent - much of the reporting is erroneous, hyped, seen through the eyes of a reporter who has no clue about the real Africa.  Africa is different than the way most westerners see it, there is AIDS, poverty, hunger, but there is also hope, progress, Africa is changing, people hunger for a better tomorrow. 

Over 600 of Pages of Stories -Pictures -  Information on Africa - Travel Information for Uganda

No matter what your interest  "Out of Africa-Too" has something that will cause you to want to get into Africa.

The Many Faces and Pages of Kabiza



Life in East AfricaLife in East Africa: For most life is a daily struggle of simply having the basics in life including pictures. Children of AfricaChildren of Africa: Stories, pictures that touch the heart and soul.  Accounts of the life of children in Africa. Women of AfricaWomen of Africa:  Including "I was born Woman." The difficulties women face in Africa. Journey into AfricaAfrican Journey: Every journey has an outer and inner one.  This is an inner journey into Africa.
Aids the African PlagueAids-The African Plague:  The continent of Africa has been ravaged by AIDS - the Ugandan Story. A day in a Ugandan VillageA day in a Ugandan Village:   A typical day in an African Village in Uganda. It takes a villageIt takes a Village:  The African concept to pulling together - called Harambe makes a village work. African Photo AlbumAfrica Photo Galleries:   Pages and pages of Pictures from Africa. Africa's women, children, scenery, wildlife.
Insights into AfricaAfrica- A Westerner's Perspective: A look at Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Africa as whole. LRA Joseph Kony - Child SoldiernsLRA-Child Soldiers-Joseph Kony: Insights into the Lord's Resistance Army, its leader and its methods African Decor Ideas for your homeAfrican Decor:  Decorating your home African Style, tips, pictures and examples. African ReflectionsAfrica Reflections:  Reflections from the heart of Africa. Contemplative Reflections.
Uganda Gorilla SafarisUganda Gorillas: Everything you need to now about Gorilla in Uganda. Uganda Travel Guide and InformationUganda Travel Guide: Must read for those traveling to Uganda East Africa. Traveling to AfricaTravel to Africa:If you are traveling to Africa you will find helpful advice here. Impact your WorldImpact your World:  Volunteer  in Uganda.  One or two weeks that will change your life.
Uganda SafarisOur Uganda Safaris:  Safaris off the beaten Path in the Pearl of Africa. Things to do and see in UgandaThings to do & See in Uganda:  A top 10 list of Uganda's best attractions. All About UgandaAll About Uganda: Most things about Uganda and might have wanted to find out. Uganda ChimpanzeesChimpanzees of Uganda:  Guide to Chimpanzee Tracking  in Uganda.


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